Wednesday, 17 December 2008

White Dwarf #349 (UK)

The January 2009 issue of White Dwarf (UK) arrived at the shop today. Release date is December 26.


It's full of Orky 40k goodness! There's also a couple of pictures of the new Imperial Super-heavy, the Shadowsword, coming early next year! It'll be all plastic, with all the bits needed to build one of SIX different variants! (Even Vulcan Mega Bolters are included!)

Right, what about those Orks, eh? Well, this issue has tons of Ork fluff and pictures of the new plastic sets and metal characters. There's a feature on the fantastic new Battlewagon kit, with all the bits laid out for you to scrutinize. There's some info on the different Clans. Probably nothing new, but good stuff nontheless, with some great photos. Speaking of great photos, there are five pages of inspiring Orky vehicle conversions. Great stuff!

There's also a HUGE battle report, and I do mean HUUUGE! Four battles, all with Orks in 'em! In the first battle, the Orks face my favourite army, the Dark Angels. Their next opponent is Imperial Guard, followed by a cool looking Howling Griffons Space Marine army. The last battle is against a combined force of Blood Angels and Ultramarines Space Marines, with three Land Raiders, three Whirlwinds, and four Vindicators! It's also got an absolutely MASSIVE Ork Kannon, called Da Krater Maker, one of the coolest looking scratch-builds I've ever seen!

For Warhammer, there's a new part of the War in the North Campaign.

For The Lord of the Rings, there's Tactica: Sons of Gondor, and a preview look at War of the Ring. WotR will be a sort of Apocalypse for LotR.

Haven't had time to read it all yet, but #349 looks like a great issue. Check it out!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2009!