Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Realm of Battle - The new Citadel Gameboard

Just the other day, our prerelease copy of the new gameboard from Games Workshop arrived at the store. Just looking at the price tag it may seem expensive, but the massive carrying bag is packed full of plastic awesomeness!

Carrying bag

Opening the bag, you can see that there is not a wasted inch. Those six modular segments are indeed 2' x 2'.


There is a pouch on the inside of the lid, to store the clips that hold the segments together. Nice touch!


Some of the segments are covered in clear plastic. Of course you get the standard "This bag is not a toy"-sticker. Those always crack me up. It's both sad and hilarious, at the same time, that some people have to be told this...

Not a toy

Here, you can clearly see the lattice that cover the underside of every segment. It makes the whole thing incredibly stable. Good thing, indeed! I've got experience of other ready made plastic gameboards, and they are all wobbly because they are completely hollow. I know a lot of people fill these with expanding foam, to make them rigid. That won't be necessary with this board, though!


Here's the sprue with the clips you use to hold the segments together. You get 32 clips, a lot more than you actually need for the whole table, so you can afford to break or loose a few. Very good!

Clips sprue

Here's a close-up of a clip holding two segments together. Putting them in place is very easy, and they work very well.

Close-up, clip

All in all, in my opinion this product is worth every penny! I'm well impressed with it, and I'm really looking forward to getting ours painted and flocked, and playing some games on it.

More pictures are available at Games Workshop's website.

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Gurf said...

This gaming table does indeed, look nice. I've been drooling over pictures of it in the latest White Dwarfs and I'm seriously considering to get myself one after christmas (my bank account has suffered more than enough recently!).
...However one thing that I can't wrap my head around is the cracking earth filled with skulls. I mean unless you're trying to create some sort of Chaos wastes thingy, or a location plauged by chaos incursions et cetera, it just feels stupid.
But hey that's just my opinion and otherwise it looks awesome.
Keep 'em coming Stitch!

Stitch said...

Thanks for commenting, Gurf!

I thought the skulls were weird, as well. But they're easily covered up with buildings, woods or other scenery, so I'm not too bothered any more. "It's not a bug, it's a feature!" :)

If you don't want to cover them with scenery that blocks movement and/or line of sight, just make some flocked, loooow hill-type thingies. Or something like woods without the trees. Count them as open terrain and just use them to cover the skulls.